Booked: Horror Con Film Festival

I'm sooooooo excited for the upcoming horror film festival in August! Ticket is bought. I can experience all the creepy and spooky movie goodness!

Danny Dickerson

3/26/20232 min read

I had a blast last year at Texas Frightmare Weekend. I had never been to anything like that before so I didn't know what to expect. It was like three days of Halloween. People go all-out with their costumes and make-up!

They love to engage with you and have fun playing the characters whether it's Jason, LeatherFace, or Freddy. Which by the way, Robert Englund, the real Freddy was there. I didn't get to meet him though as he sold out rather quickly. During lunch I meet one of the many Freddy impersonators. Even though he was tired, he loved being in character.

Special Guests

Last year I got to meet several actors Neve Campbell, Lance Henriksen, Matthew Lillard, and Tom Savini. I drew a charcoal portrait for Neve which she loved. There were so many people I wanted to meet but the lines were outrageous. You pretty much have to buy photo op tickets and get up early to stand in line. Neve was capped off and I got there an hour before the event started. Live and learn I suppose.

This year I can't wait to meet Billy Zane. He was one of my favorites growing up and I especially liked him in Demon Night from Tales from the Crypt. Many people remember him from Titanic. I always thought he should've been more recognized for his work. He liked to play the baddie and he was good at it.

If you Liked the Saw movies, then you'll like that Shawnee Smith is one of the special guests. She played Amanda Young acting as an apprentice to the villain Jigsaw. I still remember her co-starring role as Linda in Becker. A TV show from back in the day starring Ted Danson. I look forward to meeting her.

The Candyman himself will be there - Michael Hargrove and Sean Patrick Flanery from The Boondock Saints. They'll continue to add more guests as the event gets closer. Here's some of the guests so far! I plan on becoming a vendor at various Horror Cons to sell my book "Hell's Play." I was tempted to give it a try with this one but it'd be much much more fun to not have the obligation of working.