Danny Dickerson

Writer / Artist

Danny Dickerson grew up caring way too much about things like movies, art, and comic books. In school his mind would be replaying the best scenes from the latest movie he seen rather than pay attention in class. When that wasn't enough he'd skip school to get to the movies. Whether he would walk or ride his bike one way or another, he'd get there.

And instead of homework, he would be drawing. He was the product of an over active imagination that later turned into a skill he now uses to craft interesting stories. One such story, Hell's Play, is soon to be published into a book. It's well worth reading because in a world full of sequels and remakes, people out there are looking for an exciting original story. Hell's Play has just that and more.

It's a great book and would make a killer movie. The author, Danny Dickerson, lives in Wichita, KS and works on various art projects and writings in his spare time. Exercising his imagination hoping that people will enjoy what he creates.